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New Filter Membrane Can Help To Cure Haze

May 23, 2018

The reporter learned from the Beijing technology trade promotion center that, relying on the "special ceramics and refractory Beijing Key Laboratory" established by China Steel Research and Technology Group Co., Ltd., the filter membrane supporting body of the high temperature industrial flue gas PM2.5 emission, mullite, was studied and made a progress in the research of the filtration membrane. The laboratory has mastered the corresponding relationship between the characteristics of the raw material and the molding process, and prepared homogeneous mullite porous ceramic filter membrane supporting material.

The filter membrane support can be used to adsorb particles of less than 2.5 microns in the flue gas emission of iron and steel metallurgy and other high temperature industry, as well as the emission of high temperature flue gas such as chimneys and boilers. The research of the filter membrane will break the bottleneck of the widely used technology of dust removal, which is limited to the adsorption effect of small inhalable particles.

Mullite is used as raw material for filter membrane support, and its production cost is lower than traditional material 30%~50%, so it has obvious economic benefits. Later industrialization application can not only reduce the emission of fine particles in the emission of chimneys and boilers, but also reduce the emission of a large amount of dust particles in the high temperature industry such as steel metallurgy, which can provide technical support for the haze treatment in China.


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