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Oil Filter Oil Leak?

Dec 20, 2016

The composition and characteristics of oil filter:

1. filter paper:

Oil filter on the filter paper requirement is higher than air compressor air filter, mainly because the oil temperature range from 0-300, high quality cartridge filter to be able to work under severe temperature changes, filter impurities, while guaranteeing sufficient traffic.

Note: low quality cheap paper made with cotton pulp and paper, very poor filtering effect more easily decomposed into oil, blocked oil ducts, accelerated oil deterioration, even without filter, will accelerate the engine damage.

2. rubber sealing ring:

High quality oil filter seal ring is made of special rubber synthetic, ensure 100% is not leaking.

Comment: the good oil filter, under normal conditions of installation, not oil spill. Lot of inferior cheap oil.

3. return suppression valve:

With only high quality oil filter. When the engine is, it prevents the oil filter to dry; when the device is re-run, it immediately generated pressure, supply oil-lubricated equipment. (Also known as a valve)

Note: keep the engine lubrication system pressure, reducing wear. Cheap cheap oil filter element without check valve, and accelerated wear of the engine when starting.

4. relief valve:

With only high quality oil filter. When the external temperature is reduced to a certain value or when the cartridge beyond the normal use period, overflow valve opens under special pressure, allowing unfiltered oil directly into the engine, lubricate the friction parts – not filtered impurities will increase engine wear. Overflow valve is therefore the key to protect the engine in case of emergency. (Also known as the bypass valve)

Note: regular replacement oil filter (cartridge needs to be replaced every time you change the oil), avoid the relief valve to open and accelerated engine wear. Bad low machine filters without overflow valve, special circumstances, not oil supply, poor engine cylinder, overhaul or scrap.