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PTFE Air Purification Filter

May 18, 2018

PTFE air purification filter material uses well-known brands of hot-rolled non-woven spunlace non-woven goods, after a non-woven surface treatment techniques, such as:After the treatment of singeing、calendaring、waterproof、oil repellent、and flame-retardant ,using the advanced technology of hot melt or dispensing,make the PTFE membrane bonded to the substrate surface, play a role of high filtering accuracy and small resistance,so that a high degree of air purification, widely used in: Industrial cartridge,Vacuum cleaners and other filter.

Main feature as follow:

1.Good Permeability.
2.Low resistance.                                              

PTFE air purification filter

3.High filtration efficiency.
4.Pulse dust off easily.
5.Conserve compressed gas.

Technical parameters《Industrial air cartridge》
1.Ventilation volume≥40L / ㎡. S (200PA)
2.Filtration efficiency reach to H11 Class
Technical parameters《Vacuum cleaner filter》
1.Ventilation volume≥35 L / ㎡. S (127PA)
2.Filtration efficiency up to class H13 H12 H11