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PTFE Clothing Film

May 18, 2018

PTFE clothing film is a microporous filme made from e-PTFE by using the unique technology. And there are more than 1000 million holes per square centimeters. The microporous is 700 times larger than the steam molecular, and 1000 times smaller than the water molecular. This kind of character makes the film water-resistant and breathable. After years of research and continuous improvement, the special treatment in the surface can increase the longevity of the film and the anti-washing feature. It can be compounded with any material. Many functions can be added to the clothing to make us more comfortable when wearing.

Technical parameters:
Pressure: ≥16000mm water column 
Hydrostatic Moisture transmission:≥10000 ɡ/㎡.24hr
Thickness: 30um-50um
Width: 1600mm-2400mm 
Aperture diameter 0.2-0.5Um
Temperature resistance:-150°C-300°C
Anti ultraviolet: >97%