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PTFE Clothing Film Is PTFE Resin As Raw Material

Jul 07, 2017

  PTFE clothing film is PTFE resin as raw material, the special process of two-way stretch from the microporous film, with a waterproof breathable, wind and warm and other characteristics. Widely used in cold clothing, sports clothing, fire, Clothing Film military, public security, health care, anti-biochemical and other special clothing and shoes and hats, gloves, sleeping bags, tents and so on.

  PTFE clothing film is polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material by the expansion of the two-way stretch of microporous membrane. The surface of the membrane is covered with fibril-like micropores, with as many as 9 billion micropores per square inch. The cross section is a network structure. In the three-dimensional structure of the holes, there are mesh connections, holes, Structure. The diameter of the water vapor molecules is 0.0004 microns, Clothing Film and the smallest diameter of the mist in the rain is 20 microns, the diameter of the drizzle has been as high as 400 microns, the diameter of the polytetrafluoroethylene has varied from 0.1 to 0.5 microns, Steam and rain between, so it is the top waterproof breathable material.

  The e-PTFE fabric is made of PTFE film and fabric through a special process layer. Generally divided into a single paste fabric, Clothing Film double paste fabric. Double-paste (triple): nylon or polyester fabric as the surface layer, nylon warp knitted fabric for the middle layer, the middle is PTFE microporous film obtained. Experiments show that: when close to the human skin, the temperature of the microclimate in the clothes around 32 ℃, when the humidity of 50 or so feel comfortable, this time the body is in the best physiological state. The sweating of the human body is an effective means of heat dissipation in the regulation of heat balance. 80% of the body heat dissipation through the body surface heat evaporation. For a long time PVC, PU, TPU and other coatings, laminated fabric, although the waterproof clothing to play a certain effect, but because they can not be sweat to the clothing outside, so that sweat accumulation in the clothing inside, so that the body feels wet, The phenomenon of nausea. The special microporous structure of the e-PTFE fabric makes it extremely waterproof, Clothing Film moisture-permeable and windproof, and is truly waterproof and breathable, so that the body feels dry and comfortable, and is known as "the second skin of the human body". At present, mainly used in outdoor supplies, uniforms, medical protection and other high-end functional areas.