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PTFE Clothing Film Waterproof Performance

Jul 22, 2017

  PTFE clothing film waterproof performance

  The pore size of the PTFE garment film is 1 / 5000-1 / 20000 of the diameter of the water droplets, PTFE clothing film so even the smallest raindrops can not pass. PTFE surface energy is low, water droplets can not spread on the film to prevent water droplets through.


  PTFE clothing film porosity up to 80%, the average pore size of 0.2um, pore size is greater than 700 times the water vapor molecules, water vapor molecules are free to pass.

  Windproof performance

  PTFE clothing film in the process of stretching, the formation of nodes and numerous microfibers connected microporous structure, micro-fibers formed between the pores, the pores through each other to form a unique network structure. The wind can not pass directly, encounter barrier will change the direction of folding back, effectively prevent the penetration of air, so have excellent wind performance.

  Thermal performance

  PTFE clothing film has excellent moisture permeability, the body can be discharged in time to the steam outside the micro-climate, to prevent condensation of water into liquid water, reducing the possibility of water conduction heat. Although the surface of a large number of microporous membrane, but the wind can not penetrate, effectively prevent air convection.

  Anti - nuclear biochemical properties

  PTFE clothing film aperture is small (average pore size 0.2um), blocking some of the toxic gas or aerosol penetration, low surface can prevent the infiltration of certain toxic liquids. In the film side coated with non-porous water vapor flux of high material, to achieve the selective penetration of water vapor, to achieve the purpose of complete protection.


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