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Ptfe Film Is Mainly Used In Which Fields

Mar 18, 2018

PTFE film's waterproof and permeable laminated fabric products are mainly used for high-end trench coats, high-end anti-cold clothing, casual wear, sportswear and special clothing and fire fighting clothes, protective clothing, etc. Have sandwich composite structure such as faux suede/film/faux suede, faux suede/film/mesh cloth, knitting cloth/film/knit and polar fleece/film/polar fleece products, such as clothing because the two sides of the fabric that makes with its structure, luster, design and color is different, a costume can have two different wearing effect, meeting the needs of personality and fashion of pursuers; There are also four fluorine films and flocculated materials, which are used to make the inside of the cold and warm clothing.

With the deep understanding of the properties of ptfe film, the technology of film making and laminating technology has also been improved. On the basis of fabric, multi-functional laminated fabric is developed.