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Ptfe Has Excellent Vacuum Performance

May 11, 2018

Ptfe structure is compact, so it has excellent vacuum performance. It has a low permeability, and its vapor pressure and air release rate at room temperature are low, better than rubber and other plastics. The 25 ℃ when the vapor pressure of 10-4 pa, 350 ℃ for 4 x 10-3 pa.

Ptfe with itself or with low coefficient of friction between the steel, the steel friction coefficient is 0.02 ~ 0.1, can be used as a bearing material no oil, can also be used for vacuum seal, but must make the pledge that we shall have good thermal conductivity (or use the modified fluorine plastic), in order to avoid overheating due to friction and damage.

Ptfe is less elastic and compressible than rubber, and tends to flow and even rupture at high loads. When the loading is higher than 3 MPa, the residual deformation will be generated. When it is loaded to 20 MPa, it will be crushed. PTFE is therefore generally used only for gasket materials with slot flanges, and the load is no more than 3.5mpa.

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