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PTFE Industrial Transportation Applications

Jun 03, 2018

PTFE  products have a wide range of applications, but many customers know  from their peers/competitors that their products use Teflon materials,  but little is known about Teflon, so Decheng Wang summarizes Teflon. Dragon properties and related uses.
PTFE material has excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and low permeability. It  can prevent the corrosion of metals in the transportation and  manufacturing processes of chemical plants, waste incineration plants  and other chemical plants, prolong the service life of equipment, and  reduce the frequency of accidents.
In  addition, with the emission standards of automobiles, the environmental  requirements are increasingly stricter, and the performance  requirements for automotive parts are getting higher and higher, while  the use of PTFE materials such as heat resistance, oil resistance and  low fuel permeability make their use in the automotive field more and  more The more extensive.
1. Aerospace
In modern life, aircraft has become the tool of choice for long-distance travel. Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE is ensuring flight safety with its excellent water resistance and weather resistance. At  the same time, the wires made of Teflon materials guarantee normal  communication with its excellent radiation protection and weather  resistance, allowing you to experience the pleasure of a leisurely  journey.
2, construction corrosion
The  PTFE material, which combines excellent weather resistance, corrosion  resistance, and high decorativeness, has made outstanding contributions  to the construction of bridges at home and abroad, protecting the  substrate while being aesthetically pleasing.
3, light rail traffic
In the 12th Five-Year Plan, the construction of the high-speed railway network has become the banner of modernization. The  bridge sliding block made of PTFE material is ensuring a smooth and  safe train running; the wire made of fluororesin provides an efficient  and safe signal transmission environment for the railway system.
4, chemical industry
The safety issue of chemical companies has always been the focus of society. Teflon  material, with its excellent chemical resistance, not only protects  pipelines and tanks from chemical corrosion, but also plays a vital role  in the treatment of waste gas and waste water in factories, protecting  chemical workers and protecting the environment. .
5, car
More and more stringent changes in fuel regulations place higher demands on the reliability and tightness of materials. All kinds of sealing products made of PTFE material provide excellent solutions for the progress of the automotive industry.
6, environmental protection
Water  treatment technology is becoming more and more important in today's  increasingly scarce water resources, and membrane separation technology  has become a new force in the water treatment industry. The  use of PVDF, PTFE membrane material, high mechanical strength, good  environmental stability, chemical stability, outstanding dielectric  properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance, high separation  accuracy and high efficiency, in the membrane separation The field of water treatment has broad application prospects.