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PTFE Plate Is Resistant To Erosion, Abrasion, High And Low Temperature, Etc

Jun 24, 2018

The  main raw material of PTFE sheet is PTFE, which is a kind of engineering  plastics, with characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear  resistance, and high and low temperature resistance. Staircase  construction PTFE plate is an important variety in plastics. Products  made of PTFE rods as raw materials are widely used in machinery,  electronics, textile, construction, aerospace and other industrial  sectors. The  raw material tape means that the substance to be sealed inside is  isolated from the outside world, prevents the oxidation caused by air  incorporation, and also prevents the moisture from penetrating that the  raw material is changed and the adhesion of the dust is reduced to  increase the abrasion. Sealing  methods are commonly used to grease, wax, and mechanical seals.  Different sealing methods are suitable for different applications. The  general utensils can be sealed with rubber stoppers, cork stoppers,  etc. In order to be able to seal tightly, pads or plastic seals, water  seals, oil seals, etc. can be added; for gaps and slits, seals can be  applied or applied. Putty,  putty, bitumen and other sealing materials; for the pipe seal can be  used raw tape or liquid raw tape; for the relative movement of the parts  of the seal, often blockade or oil seal.
Staircase construction PTFE plate and various seals applied PTFE characteristics. For a variety of high and low temperature and aggressive media or play a role in anti-wear.