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Screw Air Compressor Air Filter Selection And Use

Dec 20, 2016

Air compressor air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separation filter is the main wearing parts screw compressors, known as the "filter". Air compressor air filter for dry-type paper filter, filter paper holes about 5 μ m or so. Its main function is to filter out the dust in the air, to avoid premature wear of the rotor of screw, oil filter and oil and gas separation filter blocks too early. Oil filter is a paper filter, filtering accuracy between 10 μ-15 μ. Its function is to remove impurities in the oil. Such as charring of the metal particles, dust, oil, protect the bearing and the normal operation of the rotor. Oil filter block, it may result in insufficient fuel affect the host bearing life, head exhaust temperature (stop working). Oil and gas separator using the special layer of fine fabric, spray lubricant contained in the compressed air can be almost completely after a fine oil separator filter, oil particle size can be controlled below 0.1 ¦ì m, volume of oil is less than 3PPm.