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The Basic Situation Of The Development Of Fluorine Chemical Industry In China

Apr 01, 2018

The rise of the fluorine chemical industry in the 1930s was a rapidly growing sub-industry in the chemical industry. Fluorine chemical products are widely used in military industry, chemical industry, machinery and other fields with its excellent properties of chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, low friction and insulation. In recent years, with advances in technology and the growth of demand, the application of fluoride products field started from traditional industry to the construction, electronics, energy, environmental protection, information, biological medicine, and other areas of the new penetration, fluorine resin, fluorine rubber, the fluorine coating, containing fluorine meticulous chemicals, inorganic fluoride products such as rapid growth in demand.

Fluorine chemical products mainly include inorganic fluoride salt, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, bromine) fluorocarbon and its substitutes and its processed products, containing fluorine resin, fluorine elastomer and fluorine rubber and its processed products, containing fluorine meticulous chemicals, etc. Organic fluorine refers to hydrocarbons containing fluorine elements in fluorine chemical products, mainly including fluorinated alkanes, fluorinated polymers and fine chemicals containing fluorine. The fluorinated alkanes are the main applications. Fluoropolymer is mainly fluorinated resin, fluorine rubber and fluorine coating. The product is in the growth stage and the application field is gradually expanded.

Containing fluorine meticulous chemicals mainly including fluorine-containing intermediates, containing fluorine medicine, containing fluorine agrochemical, containing fluorine surfactants and various kinds of fluoride treatment agent, etc., product features for the numerous products, application field widely, the product yield is relatively small, high value-added products, is a high-end application in fluorine chemical industry.

According to the characteristics of fluorine chemical industry chain, from fluorite, with the increase of product processing depth, the added value of the product increases exponentially, and the value of fluorine chemical industry is in the middle and lower reaches. Fluorite, for example, the price of only hundreds of yuan, the price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid for thousands of yuan, making the price is in ten thousand yuan, the price of ptfe ten thousand yuan, while the price of the fluorine rubber anywhere, containing fluorine chemical products price can reach one million yuan. China's fluorine chemical industry is growing rapidly with an average annual growth rate of over 15%. However, at present our country in the field of fluorine chemical industry, in addition to the total chlorine fluoroalkane (CFC), chlorine fluoroalkane (as), and formed the scale of production of the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), other fluoropolymer production is still in the test, the development stage, can the transition variety is limited, fluorine polymer except (PTFE), fluorine chemical products need to import. In the whole industry chain, domestic enterprises have a certain competitiveness in the low-end products near the raw materials. In products with high added value, depth of processing and high technical requirements, foreign enterprises are basically occupied. In recent years, with the speeding up of the foreign enterprises to enter, to the domestic enterprises brought by the technology import to improve their technology to those who can grasp the opportunity to improve their technical level to realize product upgrade of enterprises have access to a larger development.