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The Cause Of Static Electricity Generation Of Antistatic Protective Film

Apr 14, 2018

Matter is composed of molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. The atoms are composed of negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. Under normal circumstances, the number of protons of an atom is the same as the number of electrons, which is positive and negative balance, so it shows a non charged appearance outside. However, the electron is coiled around the nucleus, and the external force is out of the path, leaving the original atom and invading the other atom B. The A atom has a positive electrograph because of the short number of electrons. It is called the cation and the B atom is negatively charged because of the increase of the number of electrons, which is called anionic.

The reason for the formation of an unbalanced electron distribution is that the electron is separated from the trajectory by the external force, which includes all kinds of energy (such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc.). And so on, in ordinary days, any two different objects will be separated after touching.

When two different objects touch each other, an object loses some charge, such as the transfer of electrons to another to make it positive, while the other gets some objects left with the electrons and carries the negative electricity. If the charge is difficult to neutralize in the process of separation, the charge will accumulate and make the object electrostatic. So when objects are touched with other objects, they will take static electricity when they leave. When a plastic film is stripped from an object, it is a typical "touch separation" electricity. In ordinary days, the static electricity is "touch separation".

Solid, liquid and even gas will be static due to the separation of touch. Why does gas also attack static electricity? Because gas is also made up of molecules and atoms. When air moves, molecules and atoms will also strike "touch away" and start electricity. So in our surrounding environment and even our body will have different degrees of static electricity. When the static electricity accumulates to a certain degree, it will discharge.

We all know that conflicts are electrified and rarely touch electricity. In essence, conflicting power generation is a process of touching and separating, forming a positive and negative charge imbalance. Conflict is a process of constant touch and separation. Therefore, the impulse is essentially a touch off power. On ordinary days, all kinds of objects may become static due to movement or conflict. Homework desktop, floor, chairs, clothes, paper, dossiers, packaging materials, and active air.

Another kind of electricity is the induction of electricity. When a charged object approaches the uncharged object, it will induce negative electricity and positive electricity on the two ends of the uncharged conductor.


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