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The Common Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Sticking The Auto Film

Oct 26, 2017

Car glass foil can be used to reduce the ultraviolet radiation injection, improving the thermal insulation and insulation performance of glass, improving the privacy of vehicles, and delaying the aging of interior parts is one of the main items of customer's vehicle renovation, but if the use of low-quality membrane material or in the process of film-pasting operation may cause glass cracking and other problems.

Effect of inferior film on Auto Film of vehicle

1, poor Auto Film cold, heat in different states when the expansion coefficient is large.

2, the poor quality of Auto Film life is short of fading and natural shrinkage problems.

3, the use of low-quality Auto Film after cold, hot will occur larger expansion or contraction, in the glass surface forming uneven tension, easy to cause the glass to rupture.

II. Effect of installation operation on Glass

1, automobile foil technology mainly by cutting, baking stereotypes, glass cleaning, pasting, extrusion exhaust and drainage and other steps.

2, the Auto Film blanking edge requirements are very high, slightly careless cutting edge of the blade will scratch the glass, so that the site becomes stress concentration area, a long time, the glass prone to self explosion problems, some vehicles occurred heating wire was mistakenly cut off, defrost function failure problem.

3, in order to make the film and glass can fully fit, Auto Film need to use high-temperature hair dryer will be affixed to the film first baking on the glass, in this process must control the temperature and operation techniques, such as slightly careless will cause glass surface heating uneven, resulting in glass burst.

4, the use of a large number of clean liquid and installation of liquid, such as improper protection of the easy to dip into the vehicle electrical and line internal, resulting in the vehicle electrical failure.

III. Considerations

In the selection of vehicle film decoration, Auto Film the user must ask for and retain relevant vouchers, to prevent the occurrence of the film caused by the glass claim!