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The Reason That Ptfe Film Is Difficult To Bond

May 11, 2018

Ptfe membrane is difficult to bond, from its physical property analysis, basically has the following reasons: low surface energy, crystallinity, good chemical stability, ptfe highly symmetrical structure, ptfe SP solubility parameter value is very small. Low surface energy, critical surface tension is generally very small. Ptfe advancing contact Angle is 118 degrees, receding contact Angle is 91 degrees, the contact Angle is 104 degrees, the largest of all the materials, and the contact Angle is bigger, the wettability of the smaller range, namely the wettability is poor, inadequate bonding agent of wetting teflon film, so there is no very good adhesion to the crystallinity of teflon, good chemical stability, ptfe expansion and dissolve all than crystalline polymer coated with teflon hard film surface hard polymer molecular chain, when mutual diffusion bonding and tangles, cannot form adhesion.

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