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The Use Of PTFE Clothing Film

Aug 15, 2017

  The use of PTFE clothing film

  PTFE Garment Film Aperture range 0.1µm-0.5µm, which is hundreds of times times smaller than the water molecule, is tens of thousands of steam molecules, and has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability and windproof heat preservation function. PTFE film composite clothing fabrics, widely used in sportswear, cold clothing, military, fire, public security, health care, biochemistry and other special clothing, shoes and hats, gloves and sleeping bags, tents and so on.

  PTFE Clothing Film Performance

  Waterproof performance

  The microporous pore diameter of the PTFE clothing film is 1/5000-1/20000, so even the smallest raindrops cannot pass. PTFE surface can be low, water droplets can not be spread on the film to prevent water droplets through.

  Moisture permeability:

  The porosity of PTFE clothing film is as high as 80%, the average pore diameter is 0.2um, the pore diameter is more than 700 times times that of the water vapor molecule, the water vapor molecule is free to pass.

  Windproof performance

  PTFE Clothing Film in the tensile process, the formation of the junction and countless root micro-fiber connection of the micro-pore structure, the formation of pores between the micro-fiber, the pores through each other, forming a unique network structure. Wind can not be directly through, encounter barriers will change direction retrace, effectively prevent the infiltration of air, so have excellent windproof performance.

  Thermal performance

  PTFE clothing film has excellent moisture permeability, can be discharged from the human body in a timely manner to the micro-climate, to prevent water vapor condensation into liquid water, reducing the possibility of heat conduction. Although the thin film surface is dense with a large number of pores, but the wind can not penetrate, effectively prevent air convection.

  Anti-nuclear biochemical properties

  PTFE Clothing film aperture is small (average aperture 0.2um), blocking some toxic gas or aerosol penetration, low surface can prevent the infiltration of certain toxic liquids. A material with high water vapor flux is coated on the film side to realize the selective infiltration of water vapor to achieve the goal of complete protection.