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The World's Top Ten Standards For Acceptance Of Auto Film

Oct 26, 2017

Strict quality management and acceptance criteria, is to control and improve the level of service an important basis.

1. Is the material correct?

2. The front windshield crease does not exceed one (including one), Auto Film the position is generally in the corner (no more than 10CM); rear windshield creases do not exceed one (including one); position generally in the corner (No more than 2CM), the side crease does not exceed one (including one) in the wiper effective range is not allowed to fold. Sitting in the driving position, through the front to see the car outside the scene there is no blur, color phenomenon.

3. All the glass after the film can not have blisters, the water must be clean (from the left and right sides of the glass were observed, you can see very clearly).

4 side of the window at the top of the film cut straight, the side of the window rose to the top of the glass can not leak; side windows on both sides of the glass can not leak (the film outside the strip; Auto Film a light through the light); sub- But the maximum distance does not exceed 1MM.

5. paste before and after the block, the film from the edge of the glass black ceramic point of the maximum distance plus or minus no more than 2MM.

6. film at the glass can not have obvious scratches.

7. Side window strips can not have new scratches.

8. 1 meter away from the bus to see full load glass film after the local range 10CM, Auto Film the number of dust can not exceed 10.

9. Individual metal film due to a multi-layer metal layer, in the film when the metal may appear virtual printing, but the location is generally in the edge (from the edge of 15CM) the middle position is not allowed to appear.

10. The film is a high-risk service, due to technical level or glass defects, the existence of glass rupture may be in the film or film within 24 hours after the phenomenon of glass rupture, Auto Film the store is responsible for replacement.