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Tips To Teach You To Easily Pick The Auto Film

Oct 26, 2017

Summer inflammation, the role of weak sunscreen, how to prevent sitting in the car was sunburn it? In fact, choose a high-quality sunscreen is very important, in addition to the role of explosion, the appropriate foil can also help you block the heat waves, so you spend a refreshing summer.

Pick the sun film asked to ask cut

Seek medical treatment, known as "hope, smell, ask, cut," said, and pick the sun film is also true Select the sun film, the first film to see whether the translucent, high-quality solar film transparency is high. Followed by the nose smell, low-grade pseudomembrane containing a higher amount of benzene, pungent odor generated. After the car faithful can try to gently scratched with his nails. Hand can tear and scrape off the film are poor quality film, the general material has a problem, not how much sunscreen effect.

Cheap film can not choose

Select the time, in addition to the steps to be selected, but also in particular remember a few taboo - bundled gift film as much as possible not to; with the brand ultra-low price do not; do not on the roadside shop construction; After the market test to launch a new concept film. Finally, in particular, to emphasize that the price of the film is concerned, the general Auto Film less than 500 yuan are false film or bad film. A 4S shop after-sales service commissioner told reporters, with its paste this film is not as good as not posted. Poor quality membrane may also affect the air inside the car, the impact on human health.

The film is not the darker the better

Affect the effect of glass film insulation in addition to the color depth of the film, the more important factor is the effect of light isolation. The isolation of the Auto Film on the light. A Auto Film insulation function is mainly to see the sun film isolated infrared parameters, sunscreen is to see the sun film isolated UV parameters, infrared and ultraviolet light are invisible light, and the color depth of the film is not necessarily related. So the deeper the Auto Film sunscreen effect better? This is not reliable.

Infrared blocking rate is not equal to the heat barrier rate

Some manufacturers will use the infrared blocking rate to confuse the heat barrier rate, although the solar radiation heat in the proportion of more than 50% of infrared, but still more than 40% of the heat from the visible light. So if there is a business with 95% of the insulation rate to you to boast, this is 100% false, you have to carefully selected.

The front file must be affixed to the sunscreen film

Inside the light source is the front windshield, but the owner is not what film can be posted. Because the front windshield light bright and clear direct impact on the safety of traffic, which is also the car side of the car after the glass is not the same. In this regard the state has provisions, that is, before the windshield glass paste film, translucency must be more than 70%, or when the car inspection you can not. But you can rest assured that as long as not three no fake and shoddy products, the general brand of the Auto Film is the standard, you have to do is to find the business to find Kaopu Kaopu products.