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What Are The Advantages Of PTFE Air Filtration Membrane

Aug 03, 2018

PTFE air ultrafiltration membrane.png

PTFE air ultrafiltration membrane1.png

The porosity is 80%~90%, the porosity is high, and the pore structure is stable.

The composite material of PTFE vacuum cleaner has a microporous structure with interlaced fiber. Through biaxial stretching process and heat setting at high temperature, the microstructure of the micropore is stable and effectively intercepts dust particles.

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The mechanism of surface filtration is easy to dust removal, with small pore size and uniform pore size.

The PTFE vacuum cleaner has a strong hydrophobicity, low surface energy and good non adhesion ability. It can effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface. It can restore the performance by washing or back blowing, and prolongs the service life.

PTFE air ultrafiltration membrane3.png

Low resistance; filtration efficiency up to 99.999995%

With high filtration efficiency, the filtration efficiency of ultra high efficiency air filter can be satisfied. Compared with other filter materials, the filter performance of PTFE vacuum cleaner is good.