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What Are The Advantages Of PTFE Coated Materials In Performance?

Jan 16, 2021

PTFE coated material is popular now, which has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, non adhesion and hydrophobic properties. PTFE microporous membrane is prepared by biaxial stretching process, which has fiber staggered microporous structure, high porosity, small and uniform pore size. Therefore, PTFE microporous membrane can obtain high efficiency under low resistance.

PTFE coated material

61. Good waterproof, the surface can be washed with water.

PTFE material has strong hydrophobicity, the contact angle with water is about 120 ° and the unique laminating process makes the prepared laminating material have good waterproof characteristics, low surface energy, good non adhesion and easy to remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the material. Therefore, it can be washed with water to restore the performance, realize reuse and greatly prolong the service life.

62. High filtration efficiency and high PF value.

The pore size of PTFE microporous membrane can be less than 0.1 μ m, so PTFE membrane material can achieve high filtration efficiency, which can meet the requirements of sub high efficiency, high efficiency and ultra high efficiency air filters. Compared with other high efficiency filtration materials, PTFE microporous membrane has higher pf value and better filtration performance.

63. Effectively intercept dust under high wind speed.

PTFE membrane covering material is a surface physical filtration mechanism, with small pore size and stable micropore structure after high temperature heat setting treatment, so it can effectively intercept dust particles at high wind speed.