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What Are The Uses Of Pet Hydrophilic Membrane

Oct 26, 2019

The pet antifogging film oslo-af01 is made of special antifogging hydrophilic coating material by UV curing, which is composed of antifogging coating, PET layer, OCA backing layer and release film in turn. The hydrophilic group factor in the antifogging coating is used to carry out affinity adsorption on water, reduce the surface tension of water, reduce the contact angle between water molecules and the surface of the object, so that the water vapor will be wetted, diffused or adsorbed on the surface of the object, forming an ultra-thin transparent water film, and no longer scatter the incident light. Disturb people's sight, so as to achieve the purpose of anti fog.



High transmittance: good optical performance, excellent visible light transmittance.

High stability: high weatherability PET film as base material, high mechanical strength, high and low temperature resistance

High durability: resistant to wipe and clean, resistant to bubble water, easy to maintain and manage, long-term use can also maintain the anti fog function.

Safety: it has explosion-proof function when applied on glass.

Convenience: with self adhesive high adhesive layer, it is easy to bond firmly on the glass substrate.


1. Building exterior wall decoration (light transmittance, no visual barrier)

2. Bathroom and Shower Mirror (the mirror surface will not be interfered by the mist during bathing, and it is still clear and visible)

3. Commercial freezer and cooked food cabinet door (no power, no power consumption, no radiation, energy conservation and emission reduction)

4. Industrial safety and sports glasses, goggles and masks (improve safety guarantee)

5. Test hydrophilic membrane (liquid transfer function)

6. Anti fog of instrument display screen, camera lens, monitoring glass and various liquid display screens, touch screen

7. Car glass, etc.