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What Is The Choice Of EPTFE Film

Dec 24, 2017

1) the light transmittance of ETFE film and glass is basically the same, the penetration rate of ultraviolet ray is high, and the transmittance of visible light is >95%. The light and ultraviolet transmittance can be controlled and controlled by printing the shading film on the surface and changing the thickness of the film. The transmittance of the light and ultraviolet light can be controlled from 50% to 96%.

2) the permissible temperature for long-term use is -200 ~ 150 C.

3) the melting hole will appear after the melting point is reached in the fire environment, and the boundary of the melting hole is burning and spreading, but it does not produce clear fire, and it will not drop. According to the GB8624 "classification method for the combustion performance of building materials", it has been set as a B1 class of refractory materials.

4) it has good thermal insulation performance when the ETFE film material is made into a film surface with an isolated air layer.

5) ETFE film has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

6) the ultimate tensile strength of ETFE membrane material is above 40MPa. When the material is lower than 20MPa, the membrane material exhibits elastic state, allowing folding and good tear resistance.

7) the weatherproof performance is excellent, and the long time exposure test shows that the mechanical properties are not changed.

8) the manufacturers guarantee the quality of the ETFE film material for 10 years, and the actual service life can exceed 20 years.

9) the surface of the film is clean, resistant to dust and stains, and has a good self cleaning in the rain. In addition, the membrane mask has good resistance to hail impact toughness.

10) ETFE film can be recycled, reintegration and granulated raw material after its service life exceeds its service life.