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What Is The Difference Between PU Film And PTFE Film?

Mar 04, 2018

PU membranes: divided into PU and PU adhesive technology, USES the completely blocking technology, not deliberately for water vapor through the reserved aperture, generally breathable not wind proof, windproof and waterproof breathable. Such as Mountain Hardwear EPIC and The North Face of hyvent, Wolf claws Texapore, Columbia Omni - Tech, ClimaProof Adidas, Nike Storm - Fit actually is The same thing, such as when a raincoat to wear can be naturally, after a lot of sweat will have a strong sense of heat.

E - PTFE membrane by Gore - Tex, eVENT, SympaTex, Neoshell, Toray, dentik fabric as a representative, is divided into two layers, 2.5, 3 layers, the principle is a layer of middle hole small membrane aperture size just only through the water in the form of water vapor molecules can't through in the form of droplets of water molecules such as oxygen and nitrogen gas molecules.